Chest pain, with ECG recording and chest x-ray images

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Challenge yourself with 5 cases presenting chest pain, and practice reading ECG and chest X-ray images. 

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Our “Chest pain” provides a great insight for healthcare professionals into one of the most common and important acute symptoms of patients in Emergency care and family medicine.

Chest pain may present in various cardiological, pulmonary, trauma or even gastrointestinal disorders. As such, differential diagnosis is colorful and requires a wide range of knowledge.

As the underlying disease that presents with chest pain may be life-threatening, the importance of timely and precise diagnosis is evident.

With our Chest pain course, you will challenge yourself with 5 cases, including X-ray and ECG images. Your performance will be automatically evaluated and compared to guidelines at the end of the cases. You can read more detailed clinical reasoning and information about the disease after each patient.


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